Going Javascript Crazy

gjcIt sounded like my latest career move was going to be a bit more interesting than I had planned. Congratulations, Bob, on your new job. Belo’s quite an outfit,” read the note from the estimable editor of this fine journal. “And, uh, ummm, do you plan to still write a column for ajaxlessons.com? I know you won’t leave us in suspense for the follow to the last one you wrote. The one about sex.”

The note went on to offer helpful hints and insights into Texas life, including this bit of borrowed wisdom: “If I owned both hell and Texas, in the summer I’d rent out Texas and live in hell.”

Nothing like a bit of encouragement. But I suppose

Cold As Ice! Willing to Sacrifice For Beauty

skintagOkay, so maybe you don’t exactly love your skin tags. It’s no secret that those who suffer from the harmless, if not annoying, issue of skin tags have a definite hate-hate relationship with them. They’re prone to popping up in the folds of your skin which are in the most unflattering places. You can find skin tags hanging out on someone’s neck, armpits, groin area and sometimes in the creases of their eyelids. Anyone can be susceptible to having skin tags. They are generally harmless on their own and don’t grow to wider than 3mm. They protrude a bit and kind of flap around but they aren’t cancerous and are usually more annoying than anything. Babies, people who are unhealthily overweight and seniors can be more prone to the flappy-bits than others. There are several methods of removal and all of them can be done at home.

You can cut them, thread them, use a cream, and you can also you a freezing solution to remove them. All of these you can do from home, unless of course you have a skin tag right by your eye and you want a professional to remove it, and all of the supplies you need can be bought in any drug store.

Some methods are more permanent than others. You would think cutting and threading would be permanent but since you are not going to the root of the problem there is a chance that the skin tag will grow back. A single person can have anywhere from 1 to 100 skin tags growing on their bodies at any time. Creams and freezing solutions are generally a more permanent option for removing skin tags because they attack the cells from within.

So let’s say you have a skin tag on your neck. Maybe it’s at the back of your neck close to your hairline and you keep catching it on your brush or comb. Maybe you’ve unintentionally ripped it off so many times you are hyperconscious when you do your hair now. So let’s get rid of that sucker once and for all!

Freezing is an excellent way to remove skin tags. You can buy Compound W® or Dr. Scholls Skin Tag Remover® from any drug store or department store. Both products operate under the same principle so you can decide which brand you want to work with.

Each box will come with the freezing solution, an application tip, and applicator and skin shields of varying sizes. Think of the skin shields as tiny circular band aids. You place the shield of the most appropriate size at the base of the skin tag you want to remove. This is very important because you don’t want to damage the cells of the surrounding skin with the liquid nitrogen formula.

Once you’re set up, get your applicator ready and apply the solution via the tip to the side of the skin tag, as close to the base of it as you can get. You generally need to hold it there for 20-30 seconds before removing. And that’s it! Easy, right? It usually only takes one application and then you wait. Over an average of two weeks the skin tag will start to die from the inside and might turn black as well. Then, the skin tag will simply fall off! Using this method is super effective and the skin tags generally don’t grow back in the same location.

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Avoid HP ProLiant Disk Problems By Doing This!

ahpdpStop complaining about how you want an HP computer but you are scared of the high potential of HP ProLiant disk problems! This article is about how you can avoid these problems before they become worse and make it so your data cannot be retrieved.

First of all, you have to understand that because this server is still an early release, it still needs more improvements. As of now, most of its disk related problems are not resolvable (depending on the model number, of course) and they are typically hard to fix. Even if the owner has to sacrifice the hard drive just to make it work again by reformatting it or erasing all the contents, it will probably not …

Firewalls Make Things Better

If you have a high-speed Internet connection that’s always on, your home computer may be probed by a hacker at any hour of any day. These hackers are seeking an entree they can use to hide software that would allow the computer to be “zombied,” or controlled remotely.

And everyone who uses the Internet, even with a dial-up connection, may catch a computer virus.

fmtb“Probably every machine on the Internet is touched multiple times a day by one type of a scan or another,” says Jeff Carpenter, a manager with the Computer Emergency Response Team, a federally funded research center at Carnegie-Mellon University that responds to attacks on the Internet. He also runs the site Exchange-Mail.org, which concentrates on Exchange Servers and avoiding attacks.

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Web Development History Is Amazing

Last year marked a revolution in back-end design. The major force behind this change was not just a need for better functionality but for a better process in Web development. In an industry survey from 1999, Web startups found that 80 percent of their budget was typically spent on development costs. These companies also observed that the best sites redesign every two months. The enormous development costs got people’s attention. Complex, transaction-heavy sites were demanding better processes. The old one-tier sites with static HTML or just CGI were fading away, and even the newer, two-tier systems like flat ASP or Cold Fusion were becoming impossible to keep clean and updareable.

wdhWhat is meant exactly by tiered site architecture? The three aspects of any site are presentation, logic, and data. The further you separate these areas, the more layers, or “tiers,” your system has. The earliest Web sites were static HTML pages, with maybe some small logical Continue reading this post »

I Love You: Profile Of A Killer Virus

The feeling definitely wasn’t mutual for corporate users on the receiving end of last week’s “ILoveYou” e-mail virus. IT managers at scores of companies spent the end of last week trying to repair the damage, while employees had to bide their time until their e-mail and other systems were restored after the fast-moving virus hit.

pkvAfter the initial wave, as many as five new strains of the virus began showing up Friday morning, including one labeled “fwd: Joke” and another, more destructive one labeled “Mother’s Day Order Confirmation.”

These, as well as many more versions expected in the coming days, are likely to keep corporations and computer users around the world on high alert for some time.
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Choosing Antivirus Programs

cavpWhen choosing an antivirus program, it’s important the program can detect and eliminate all types of viruses, even new ones that have just been created. The protection system must be able to quarantine the virus so it doesn’t spread. Most antivirus software manufacturers request that people send viruses-once quarantined with the antivirus program–to their research center, for purposes of learning more about the virus and recording the virus definition. “When Symantec receives an infected file from someone,” explains Garcia, “we are able to clean the file and return it to the user virus free. We then keep the virus for research purposes.” Continue reading this post »