Let’s Talk HTML Basics

HTMLHTML documents are plain-text, also known as ASCII files, that can be created using any simple text editor like Notepad or WordPad on Windows. It is best to create your code with these simple text editors as opposed to Word or WordPerfect, which may reformat your code as you create it. You are probably wondering how any lowly text editor could design such sophisticated-looking Web sites. Well, it’s the Web browser that determines how the page actually looks. The browser reads the text, looks for HTML markings, then visually displays the page according to the instructions.

The only drawback to this is that it is impossible to know what your page will look like when it is done. Fortunately, you can do a test run on a browser before you actually publish your page. It’s not a perfect scenario, but it works.

You will also need access to a Web server to get your files on to the Web. Contact your local internet provider to see if you can post your files free of charge. Continue reading this post »

Taming Photoshop Yourself

tpyIn reality, unless you’re doing heavy commercial work and fine printing on a press, you can muddle along with Photoshop for long time without having to become an expert. Color management does make life easier in Photoshop, but like a car driver, you only need to know enough to make the car go, not how to get under the hood and fix the engine. Continue reading this post »

Why You Should Hire A San Diego SEO Company

wshseopFor many years lots of companies have acquired more search engine traffic and converting those visitors into sales by with the help of San Diego SEO company like this one. Over the past 17 years, social media has become an important driver of traffic, there have been constant dynamism on algorithms, search engine landscape has gone through many changes and search engine ranking signal. San Diego SEO Company is in a dynamic state to ensure its clients are always getting the most current SEO strategies. Continue reading this post »

Sorting Out The XML And HTML Fun

Developers of the Internet didn’t borrow from Bush’s blueprint; as computer gurus are inclined to do, they created connections to at least one obscurely applicable Web site on every subject imaginable. And it all became a reality, in large part, because of Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, which arranges text and images on Web browsers.

soxhFor all its promise, however, HTML also has shortcomings–the most notable of which is its inability to distinguish between the presentation of computer data and the data itself. This is why HTML is fine for sending electronic documents but ill-equipped for direct data exchanges between computers on the Web, a function crucial to the advancement of Web-based education and other real-time Internet pursuits.

This shortfall has ultimately fueled the demand or a more powerful alternative: Extensible Markup Language, or XML. Essentially HTML on steroids, XML employs identifying tags that describe Continue reading this post »

Seeking Help With Back Taxes

shwbIf you need help with back taxes, you must not let it pass without seeking a certified public accountant or a tax lawyer. These professionals can help you understand why you have tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and how to solve it as quick as possible. Basically, tax disputes should never be neglected at some point because the IRS can possibly put you in prison or hold all your financial accounts. This is the reason why you have to regularly check your tax status and know if you need help with back taxes. It can be a daunting experience if you let these things happen. Thus, you should consult a tax professional right away.

When seeking for a …